A lightweight, eco-friendly, insulated block & beam flooring solution

eFloor Plus has a lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) infill panel, making it easier to manipulate, cheaper to deliver, and faster to install.

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eFloor Plus enables savings of up to 33% compared to traditional block and beam

Download our case study on how David Wilson Homes, the award-winning house builders, completed a luxury residential development and saved 33% by using our block & beam flooring.

The eFloor Plus advantage

eFloor Plus uses pre-stressed concrete T-beams with expanded polystyrene (EPS) infill panels between each beam and a variable depth closed-cell expanded top layer.

eFloor Plus is a high quality alternative to traditional block & beam flooring, with numerous advantages, which make it perfect for home-builders.

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Faster installation

eFloor Plus installation can be performed by an individual or by a small team

Lower U-value

eFloor Plus can meet U-values as low as 0.1Wm2K.

Moisture & draft proof

Eliminates problems with site preparation time and moisture.

33% Cost Reduction

With lower delivery costs, faster installation, and lower purchase price than traditional block & beam flooring, customers can save over a third on costs.

No specialists required

Due to the simplicity of our designs, anyone can install eFloor Plus flooring.

A+ Green Guide rating

eFloor Plus flooring is fully certified and holds an A+ green guide rating.

Minimal wastage on site

Our panels can easily be cut to fit any shape/size resulting in less unusable product.

BBA certified

Certified to meet low u-values and structural performance.

Safe working platform

After screen has been applied it can be reliably used as a platform.

Can be laid in wet conditions

Our EPS panels are not affected by poor weather enabling your team to install rain, wind or shine.

Free layout drawings with every quotation

Over the last 25 years of operation, we've learnt that planning is the key to a successful project. It's why we spend the time to produce detailed layout drawings using our in-house bespoke software for all prospective customers.

Our drawings will save you time, reduce labour and assist the installation process at every stage.

Trusted by the biggest

Our flooring solutions are trusted by some of the biggest homebuilders & suppliers in the UK.

Designing at Floorspan Contracts


Receive a complimentary floor plan with your free quote.

Production facilities at Floorspan Contracts


Our 6-acre production facility in Wisbech manufactures all of our concrete products.

Delivery services at Floorspan Contracts are leading


Our bespoke fleet of Floorspan delivery vehicles deliver over 18,000 tonnes of concrete every week.

Installation services from Floorspan Contracts


Our experienced team perform your eFloor Plus installation reliably and quickly.

Perfect for big and small homebuilders

eFloor Plus can support targeted U-values (0.1W/m2K and above) and, as no two home-building projects are the same, can be designed and manipulated to fit any dimensions.

All customers receive a detailed floor plan, demonstrating the most efficient way to install eFloor Plus while minimising onsite wastage.

Support current and future building regulations

From 15th June 2023, all new homes must produce 31% less CO2 emissions than what is currently acceptable in the present Part L regulations. Therefore, the construction of new dwellings must comply with the increased energy performance standards as set in the new regulations.

For flooring, this is equal to a performance rating of just 0.13 m2K. eFloor Plus supports this new value and can even reach values as low as 0.12K.

Build homes faster and safer

The unique combination of lightweight EPS infill panels and a variable depth closed-cell top layer makes eFloor Plus easy to manoeuvre, manipulate and position.

No heavy machinery or specialist knowledge are required, with small teams or individuals able to perform the installation quickly, reliably and safely.

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Get in touch with our estimating team today to discuss your needs and receive a free quote.

Discover how much you can save by making the change to eFloor Plus on your next homebuilding project.

Designed and manufactured in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Floorspan Contracts is a family-run business, established in 1997 by Managing Director Nick Dighton. With a modern six-acre production facility in Wisbech, employing more than 100+ people, Floorspan Contracts services clients reliably and consistently.

If you're a self-builder, first-time developer or regional contractor, we are well placed to provide valuable insights and services for your flooring needs.

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We invest millions in our team, facilities & product

We strive to surpass our clients’ expectations. We invest in our customer service to ensure all queries are resolved swiftly and smoothly and in our logistics team so our lead times are low and product quality is high.

With an average Google feedback rating of 4.7/5 , we are often the first choice for clients looking for a combination of great price, product and service.

Celebrating 25 Years together
Celebrating 25 Years together

"The product was quick to install, it is strong and safe. It took less than a day to get the job done. We are really happy with it and will definitely be using it in the future."

Kevin Woods, Site Manager, Petriello

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as we have all of the required prerequisite information, our estimating team will typically issue an accurate cost within 48 hours.

We produce over 38,000 linear metres of concrete beams per week, produce over 1000 m2 Hollowcore Planks every week, supply for over 160 average sized plots per week.

Having invested millions into our logistics, production and service our customers can benefit from some of the lowest lead times in the industry - It can frequently be as low as 10 days between the initial call and final delivery.